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strategic solutions

Strategic Process & Workflow Consulting

For customers across varying industries, FLI has been engaged to analyze existing processes and workflows and to design and implement enhancements in the following areas:

Efficiency through workforce restructuring
Technology automation, systems integrations and controls
Operational oversight through reporting and visibility
Improved focus/returns through market segmentation and data analysis

Competitive Strategy Support

  • For a large 401K provider, FLI delivered a custom responsive, multi-format web-based competitive strategy solution.  Business users are able to easily locate and leverage competitive data and content necessary for sales strategy and follow-up. This cloud-based content management solution is securely available to users on both web and mobile platforms. 

  • Constructed using Ember and snorqel, we are bringing the best of current web interactivity and data access to this client.

Dynamic Business Planning


For a large financial investments firm FLI delivered a custom sales planning platform. The cloud solution serves as the sales force’s key planning tool for finding, segmenting and cultivating new opportunities and business relationships.

The solution was built using Ember, WebAPI, and SQL Server and includes a mobile iPad client with full offline synchronization capabilities. 

Investment Comparison Analysis

For a financial securities provider FLI designed and developed a solution to generate a series of advanced investment comparison reports. The cloud-based solution enables the customer to provide meaningful and current fund investment comparisons. The platform processes over 35,000 market funds from Morningstar, providing relevant and factual data to support the selling process.

The solution was developed using React, ASP.Net and SQL Server.

process/service automation

Back Office Systems Integration


For a premier transportation company (3,000 rolling assets) FLI drove tremendous change within the business, integrating and deploying:

A full TMS (Transportation Management System) – a comprehensive freight management ERP system including dispatch, order tracking, billing and payroll

A full fleet maintenance and service/parts system

Microsoft CRM and Great Plains – finance, CRM systems

A from-scratch mobile electronic timesheet and GPS tracking application fully-integrated with the above packages and later sold as IP to a leading Supply Chain Tech Company, returning unexpected but highly valuable IP revenue as an additional ongoing annuity.

Mobile Integration

For one of the largest U.S. Universities, FLI integrated a mobile CRM client application with the university’s core data systems including:

Integration with Blackboard, a higher education software package for schedules, assignments and announcements.

Integration with google maps and live bus tracking for campus maps, transportation routes, and next-bus-times

Integration with RSS feeds for lunch menus and licensee sports information

Integration with LDAP and CAS for Campus Directory access and authentication

Plan Expense Reduction Accounts

FLI was engaged by a large investment firm to implement a solution to manage the distribution of expense payments to administrators of pension plans. The application enables our customer to manage the allocation of expense funds as requested by plan administrators while supporting stringent DOL legislative requirements

The solution was developed using EmberJS with .Net WebAPI against DB2. The system includes a complete PDF statement generation engine and several unique financial control and audit/versioning features.

Innovative Healthcare Research

For a large cardiovascular research network, FLI built a cloud-based novel cardio ultrasound image analysis toolset powering some of the largest cardio imaging research projects with results published in several world-wide high-impact medical journals.

Proprietary ultrasound image analysis protocols

Multi-site access and study control

Publication support tools for researchers to share results

business intelligence & analytics

Business Intelligence Reporting & Analytics

FLI was engaged by a financial investments firm to deliver a business intelligence solution for the sales division.  The cloud application serves up key sales and management metrics on a series of performance reports and dashboards on Power BI.

The solution transforms, cleanses and marries data housed in business-critical applications including CRM instances,  broker licensing, compensation, client onboarding, client service, proposal pricing, client contracts and more.

The solution was built using Azure databricks fed by Data Lake and processed into a multi-role secure Power BI workspace.

Business Intelligence Reporting & Analytics

FLI was engaged by a large mutual fund company to deliver a big data business intelligence solution for the organization.  The application serves up key sales, activity metrics and 3rd party data for the entire organization.  The solution aggregates results from hundreds of millions of daily records sourced from internal financial data stores, market and industry feeds and Salesforce CRM.

The solution was built using Informatica, MS SQL Server, Analysis Services / MDX, and Tableau.

Market Segment Analysis & Forecasting

FLI was engaged to provide a sales forecasting model to predict sales for the coming 6-12 months. The model analyzed patterns of sales proposals leading to a model designed to predict wins by month.  The model provides monthly, quarterly and longer-range predictions by segment.  Q2 predictions in the first year were within 2% accuracy of the actual year-end results 7 months later.

FLI leveraged ‘R’ and databricks to design and conduct this analysis.

Customer Retention

FLI was engaged to conduct an assessment to determine whether building a model to predict plan discontinuance predictors would be worthwhile.  A correlation analysis was run to see if specific factors identified by the business showed any strong relationship to discontinuances.  FLI assisted the customer in understanding which factors in their business process were leading indicators of discontinuances.

FLI leveraged ‘R’ and AWS to conduct this analysis.

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