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Unique & Customized Solutions

Our skills and creativity enable us to provide unique and customized solutions.  We effectively engage and collaborate with our clients in a variety of capacities providing:

Strategic vision and roadmap consultation

Innovative business process analysis and design

Powerful web and mobile solutions, integrated with traditional
CRM solutions to support collaborative team selling and business planning

Comprehensive reporting and analytics solutions including data warehouses and data lakesInnovative predictive sales forecasting tools

GPS mobile imageAdobeStock_123128519_edi

Advanced competitive financial securities comparison and investment tools for investment lineups and hypothetical analysis

AI/ML integrations using emergent technologies like
ChatGPT , PaLM2, and Bedrock

GPS/GIS solutions (software and hardware) for mapping,
geographic reporting/segmentation and tracking needs

Front and back office package integration, add ins, mobile
extensions, and data integration for Salesforce,
Microsoft Dynamics CRM, PeopleSoft, NetSuite and others

Deep Technical Expertise

We invest in technical research and development to stay abreast of emergent technologies.  Our technology expertise is deep and covers:

Responsive web based line of business and front end systems (React, Ember, Express, .Net and other common platforms, backed by enterprise and high
scalability cloud platforms like Azure, AWS and Google)

Analytics and BI Power BI, Tableau, OLAP, MDX, MicroStrategy, databricks and data lakes
Microsoft platforms and technologies -.NET, SQL Server (SQL & SSAS MDX and Tabular) 

NoSQL databases including CouchBase , Redis, MongoDB, and proprietary in memory database engines used in high scale systems
Native mobile applications (IOS and Android)
Enterprise SQL platforms including SQL Server, DB2, Oracle

We speak business

The dialog begins with your challenges in your language, getting right to the point and enabling productive, efficient change. Almost anyone can get there eventually; we can help you get there first.  We speak your language, we listen, and we do more than build systems: we deliver solutions.


Collaborative and Quality
Customer Experience


Maximum Value
on Investment


Innovative Solutions
and Development

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