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Ferko Liblik Business Systems Engineers

Business Systems Engineers

FLI is an enterprise of strategic innovators founded on the experience that commercial technology systems are designed for the many, while the organizations using those systems wish to differentiate in application, extension, and integration of them. 

Our strength resides in helping enterprises solve business problems thru innovative business/technology solutions where package solutions fall short, where unique and complex enhancement opportunities exist and where competitive differentiation is desired.

Ferko Liblik Design


We've been around the block

For over two decades, FLI has delivered advanced strategic consulting and business/technology solutions in Financial Services and Investments, Insurance, Education, Supply Chain, Logistics, Education, Emergency Response and Healthcare.  Focused on quality and creativity Ferko Liblik Inc. enables organizations to achieve their business objectives and derive maximum results from their initiatives.


Deep Experience

Experts in enterprise systems, FLI brings deep experience and intelligence to address complex business challenges. Sector innovators and true masters of their craft, FLI is a leading provider of services in strategic consulting, complex system integration, enterprise business intelligence (BI) and visualization, predictive analytics, big data, and custom web and mobile line-of-business applications.

We bring the benefit of 25 years of experience in providing strategic technical innovation for some of the world's largest enterprises. We also work with smaller firms where agile, fast-evolving solutions win the day.

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