Innovative intelligent business-focused engineers

Our people are veterans with proven experience in enterprise business analysis, solution development and systems implementation. We deliver across the spectrum, from complete, fully-managed initiatives down to individual work streams.

Our team enriches your team

Our teams bring novel approaches to your business challenges, based on a unique blend of enterprise process, data and multi-platform mobile technology skills. Our team members understand the objectives of each work stream and work methodically and efficiently to get the job done. Our project management works with yours to ensure visibility and integrated status.

Sheri Ferko, Managing Partner

A highly-skilled communicator at all levels of enterprise, Sheri artfully unites technical capability with business needs. Her advanced analytical skills transform business challenges into opportunity and requirements into returns through the innovative solutions she brings to clients. A Systems Design Engineer, Sheri's areas of expertise lie in Business Solutions Architecture, Business Analysis Consultancy, Initiative Definition, and Solution Adoption. Sheri has delivered numerous innovative and successful Fortune 500 implementations ranging from enterprise ERP to innovative and market-leading high-technology and mobile solutions.

We've been around the block

providing enterprise-innovative and intelligent solutions since 2003. We're happy to share what we've learned and are available for a quick chat or to answer your questions. Let's connect.

Dathan Liblik, Managing Partner

Dathan understands that innovation is as much an art as a science. The creation of truly effective enterprise and mobile solutions is hard. It takes ingenuity and grit; characteristics Dathan developed with his first software company, started while studying Systems Design Engineering and acquired by the founders of Canada's greatest telecom story. In the years since, Dathan has architected mobile and enterprise solutions that have delivered business visibility from big data, managed university residences, helped keep firefighters safe, optimized logistics, performed 3D drone-surveys, tracked vehicle fleets, and even caught contraband smugglers. His passion for design brings great advantage to FLI clients and keeps them ahead of the curve for the future.