Your data has value - we can unleash it

Your data is one of your company's most valuable assets. Discovering an effective way to benefit from it is the key to unlocking opportunity. Mining the value your data holds requires more than just an off-the-shelf BI system; you need someone who "gets" your business and has the necessary expertise to execute. You need a resourceful partner who can design and deploy the right solution to help you meet the challenges of change and your expectations for return.

Knowledge informs action

We provide the advanced business solutions- not just the systems- that free your data's hidden value. Firmly grounded in both business and technology disciplines and guided by insightful vision and a unique creative sensibility, we'll deliver the right business system- one that will help keep you competitive as both your business and the market evolves.


Deep Experience

Experts in enterprise systems, FLI brings deep experience and intelligence to address complex business challenges. Sector innovators and true masters of their craft, FLI is a leading provider of services in enterprise business intelligence (BI) and visualization, predictive analytics, big data, and custom web and mobile line-of-business applications.

We bring the benefit of 25 years of experience in providing strategic technical innovation for some of the world's largest enterprises. We also work with smaller firms where agile, fast-evolving solutions win the day.